Mike Shuter

Mike Shuter is a Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Beef Cattle & Hog producer from east central Indiana.  Mike and his sons Patrick & Brian have been no-tilling for 35 years, strip-tilling for 15 years and have been using variably rate technology as long as it has been available.  For the last 8 years they have been researching cover crops and how to integrate them into their operation. In 2010 they started developing a 90 ft high clearance seeding machine to seed cover crops in standing corn & soybeans to get these crops off to a faster earlier start. All of their crop fields were seeded to cover crops starting in the fall of 2012. In the summer of 2014 they developed a 120 ft cover crop seeder and also developed a 24 row 28% nitrogen bar for their Miller Nitro sprayer.  They custom seed cover crops for several other producers annually They are now marketing their products for the Miller Nitro sprayer. They are in the process of developing and patenting a new concept piece of equipment to work in the Organic No-till side of their operation. This concept is to use Super-Hot Water to kill weed with a noninvasive cultivation process.

Mike is also past president of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council.  Their farm received the National Corn Growers Association Conservation Stewardship Award for 2015.  Mike also received the Purdue Ag Alumni Associations 2015 Certificate of Distinction award. The farm also received the Indiana River Friendly Farmer award in 2016.  Mike received the 2018 Eastern Indiana Livestock Breeders Distinguished Service award.

The Shuter Family has a nationally recognized Registered Red Poll cattle herd that was originated in 1941 by Mike’s father Mervin and his father Leslie.  Many National Champions have been produced from the Shuter Red Poll Herd including 3 consecutive National Champion Females, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as National Champion Bull in 2016.  In recent years, Red Angus and Simmental females have been added to the herd that now numbers around 80 head of momma cows. An intensive Embryo Transfer program is used to propagate top genetics and nearly every female in the herd is either bred via Artificial Insemination or is used in the ET program.