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Matt Foes

Matt Foes hails from Bureau County Illinois (North Central Illinois) where he grew up on

a corn and soybean farm. He attended Illinois State University where he graduated with

a B.S. in Chemistry in ’95. Afterwards he attended the University of Illinois where he

earned his M.S. in Weed Science (’98) documenting the first case of multiple resistance

(ALS and Triazine) in waterhemp.

Matt worked in the seed and chemical industry for many years conducting research and

providing agronomic support for Monsanto chemical and their associated seed brands.

In 2014, Matt joined Gregg Sauder’s new company, 360 YieldCenter, to focus on raising

yields through better fertility programs and placement. Over the past 20 years, Matt has

taken what he has learned from the customers he has interacted with and put together a

system to grow corn and soybeans as efficiently as possible back at the “home ranch.”

The 2018 growing season marked his transition to focusing solely on the family farm

and his family.

Matt has two daughters, Abby (18) is a freshman at the University of Alabama studying

Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, and Ella (15) is a Junior in High School at the

Illinois Math and Science Academy.